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To whom it may concern:

I have known Tanya Roloff for over 16 years in her position as TV Producer and Writer at Feed The Children and regard her as an asset for any organization she is associated with.

As you may already know, the fast paced rate of fundraising for non profits using video as a means of communications requires effective self starters that can grasp the urgent need of the situation; must assess what must be done and take action to bring attention to how folk can be of service to the organization. Tanya has all these skills.

A talented TV writer/producer has to be able to think on their feet while the action takes place in front of them; has to be able to wrap thoughts into a tidy package that delivers a meaningful narrative. Tanya has all these skills.

The process of communicating a message that will motivate people to reach for their checkbooks requires: clarity of the thought being conveyed, the ability to capture that thought into words, understanding the medium used to portray what needs be said, how best to put into action a notion to achieve the end result given the resources before you, making people feel enriched by the message and moved to make a substantial difference. Tanya’s writing style and logical thought process does this apriori.

She has traveled with and worked with videographers in war zones and some disaster zones without giving it a second thought. She has worked with celebrities, politicians, dignitaries, musicians, sports celebrities and heads of major companies and used her interviewing skills to capture the urgency of the need being covered.

Tanya possesses a keen sense of what it takes to get the job done. She worked with me at Feed The Children where I was both CIO and SVP and I was always delighted to aid her in any way possible. Tanya has a great work ethic and is very talented.

Her focus and attention is on getting the job done in an efficient manner, as a member of the Television team, she worked tirelessly to present creative and ethical solutions that reflect the positive side of the organization with the intent of garnering the most to meet financial goals.

Her performance since I have known her has been nothing less than exemplary. She is a very hard and dedicated worker.


Dr. Larry R. Correa, President

Computer Cost Control, LLC