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July 20, 2016

To Whom It May Concern:

This is a letter of recommendation on behalf of our Marketing/Creative Director Tanya Roloff. We first met Tanya when she became a client of ours in 2014. We developed a close friendship with her as a result of training her and helping her lose a considerable amount of weight. In January of 2015 she graciously offered her professional photography skills and started taking photos of our clients for our weight-loss challenges. We were thrilled when later she offered her expertise in Marketing/Social Media, Video Production, and Business Development after we changed partnerships in the Spring of 2015 from Edmond Fit Body Boot Camp to FitCamp 180. We were excited to have Tanya come on board as our Marketing/Creative Director in July of 2015 to help us with this transition. With changes in partnership, company name and logo – we were essentially starting over after being in business three years — and we needed help.

We had no digital presence at all when she came on board. No website. No Instagram, or Pinterest. A virtually dead Facebook platform and following, and no marketing plan whatsoever. Tanya took on this challenge with great zeal, passion and ambition. On her own, she came up with a plan to brand and promote FitCamp 180 through the creative use of videos, photos, stories, campaigns, calls-to-action, and appeals — all through strategic marketing on social media. The success of this far exceeded our expectations! Within a year, Tanya helped us TRIPLE our business and greatly expanded our presence, visibility and reach in the community! Consequently, we are moving to a larger location to accommodate our ever-growing clientele, as we have outgrown our present facility.

She created our Instagram platform from scratch. As well, Tanya tripled our Facebook following through her fun, attention-grabbing, compelling, and heartfelt content about our fitness boot camp and the many lives that are changed here. The Facebook Platform she created always far surpassed our biggest market competitors, with triple the following in terms of post engagements, post reach, number of likes, etc. Her videos resulted in thousands of views. A recent video she produced, shot and edited at the date of this letter, has had nearly 21,000 views with a following of 3,300 people. This video alone, as well as her other marketing content, brought in the most people we’ve ever had to one of our quarterly weight-loss challenges. This is just one example of many huge successes her work garnered for our company. Tanya shot and produced close to 150 videos in one year, shot thousands of before/after and art/action photographs of our clients and boot camp, and wrote hundreds of stories, ads, appeals and calls-to-action for our digital platforms. Her work not only helped us triple our business, but it also helped us win 2016’s #1 Trainers in OKC for So6ix Magazine and Best Fitness Facility in Edmond, OK. Tanya required no supervision for any of these tasks. She is a relentless self-starter who was always pushing us to think out of the box and leading our team with her innovative marketing and astute business intuition. She had a passion for our mission and clients and worked tirelessly to grow our business — putting in 40 hours or more a week on top of her other full-time job.

Although we understand, we are very sad to lose her to other professional offers. But we are beyond grateful for her service to FitCamp 180. She has left us in great shape financially and in the marketplace, thanks to her many hours of hard work, dedication and talent. We highly recommend Tanya for any organization or company to which she is applying. We guarantee you that she will leave you better-off and more successful than how she found you — and we wish her all the best!


Shawn Busby and Travis Grimm
Owners, FITCAMP 180