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June 14, 2012


To whom it may concern:

I am very enthusiastic to write this letter of recommendation for Tanya Roloff. I was a Vice President at Feed The Children for the past three years. My comments about Tanya are based upon working with and knowing her since May 2009.

My assessment of Tanya follows:

  • Tanya has a visible passion for what she does. She not only has the necessary skill sets, but also the necessary heart.

  • She always puts in more than her share of the work. Tanya has a very strong work ethic and is conscientious about fulfilling her professional responsibilities with the highest degree of quality and integrity.

  • Tanya is tremendously knowledgeable in her area, but is always willing to learn new methods. She is a continuous student of her craft which makes her a valuable asset as technology continues to change the tools.

  • She has been one of the most motivated employees I have ever had the pleasure with which to work.

  • Tanya has a very warm personality which makes her extremely approachable to all in contact with her.

  • Her willingness to help others with any request, regardless of the difficulty or simplicity of the task, provides her with a quality not always found in her area.

  • Tanya puts the needs of the company above her own and looks for ways to improve the company by making things more efficient and cost effective.

In my judgment, Tanya will excel in any company regardless of her role. She is very intelligent, works hard, and is committed to completing any task she begins. I wholeheartedly recommend Tanya.


Kiku Jones, PhD